New Faustian World (2018) -"Eng CC"

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Date: 11/12/2020
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A Documentary by Piero Passaro


In a world where human fate seems resigned to limits,, Raffaele Quattrone, walking among the streets of the city, tells the story about 17 international artists with a Faustian Factor: a strong and recognizable artistic identity and an exasperated virtuosity that allows them to be in rivalry with endless possibilities computers, with photographic precision, and with their reactions and relationships from video and performance. 


NewFaustianWorld is the world of these painters that as the Faust of Goethe, emblem of the modern man, have an inner tension with which they can’t be satisfied with ordinariness but let the extraordinary be their philosophy of life taking up the challenges ahead of them.


The visual language of the film, halfway between documentary and fiction, pays homage to the personality of each artist recreating in the single scenes the world that we find in the artworks of these artists. It is similar to enter into their work - the creative world of the artist.



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