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Date: 11/06/2020
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A film by Leandro Bartoletti



(Argentina, 2020 - 100 min.)




In the depths of the City of Buenos Aires there lies a Most Mysterious Mansion; a neutral zone.


It is a Refuge dedicated to free and libertarian spiritual search. And it is also a meeting space.


A space of Encounter. An Utopia.


A mystical node that gathers seekers interested and invested in esotericism.


This is the story of the Aurea Abbey.

This is the story of their Great Work.

This is the story of their Other Magic.





Produced by 300Films with the support of Indigo Art Media and Untendon Cine.

Direction: Leandro Bartoletti.


Script: Leandro Bartoletti and José Luis Parada Sabio.


Executive Production: Juan Pablo Roubio.

Production Manager: Matias Payer.


Director of Photography: Lucas Balestrino and Gustavo Reján.

Camera: Lucas Balestrino and Gustavo Reján.

Electric: Leandro Pascutto.


Sound: Martin Castigliego.


Art Direction: José Luis Parada Sabio.


Production Assistants: Melisa Noguera and Anahí Cabañas.


Postproduction: Leandro Bartoletti.


Stars: Auric De Gray, ErebuS & Luminara.




What film critics said about "The Other Magick":


It is not an ordinary documentary far from it, it shows us a whole world unknown to most of us.

Esteban Jourdan, Argentine Cinema Today.


The film will remain as a valuable record on a subject that had not been explored in our cinema.

Juan Pablo Pugliese, Escribiendo Cine.


A film that kills space-time, to give birth to a new, vibrant thing that beats and grows in the permanent night of the human spirit.

Diego Arandojo, Lafarium.


In “La Otra Magia” a theatrical-magical experience is generated, these two basic concepts are assembled in a vigorous way.

Delfi Quiquisola, Metafilmika.


There is no tradition of films on this subject in Argentine filmography and, if there are, they are academic or intended for television and made by actors. “The Other Magick”, on the other hand, incorporates testimonies, experiences, street interventions and initiation ceremonies.

Liliana Isold, The Emancipated Spectator.


A true work to be seen and reviewed, learned and apprehended. A documentary that teaches and shows other realities that converge in everyday life.

Diego Arandojo, Lafarium.



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