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Date: 11/06/2020
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A film by Leandro Bartoletti



(Argentina-Ecuador, 2020 - 100 min.)





"San Telmo Tapes" portrays the misunderstandings, losses and shipwrecks of the past of an unusual character who walks the streets of San Telmo forced to build a new identity.





Produced by 300Films and Takeshi with the support of Ashtarak Films and Ruido.

Direction: Leandro Bartoletti.


Script: Leandro Bartoletti & Raúl Teba.


Excecutive Production: Side Nine Nine.


Production: Raúl Teba.


Director of Photography: Federico Sidañez.


Camera: Federico Sidañez, Leandro Bartoletti, Javier Paglia & Martín Castigliego.


Sound: Martín Castigliego, & Marcelo Dattolo.


Realization in Ecuador: Lorenzo Panflin & Raúl Teba.


Realization in Spain: Carlos Padilla & Naya Kuu.


Graphic Design: Kitty Matsukawa & Karen Tomalá.


Illustrations: Gustavo Di Virgilio.


Postproduction: Leandro Bartoletti.


Sound Postproduction: Nicolás Fernández Pérez (Ruido).

Colorist: Dominique Pazmiño Ríos.


Assistant Postproduction: Juan Diego Illescas & Martín Galarza.


Assistant Sound: Carlos F. Aceldo Bejarano & Francisco Israel Maya Mafla.


Assistant Colorist: Diego Coello A.


Original Music: Víctor Andrade, Gato Muñoz & Mariano Matulich.


With Raúl Teba, María Luján Martínez, Alicia Sorrentino, Álvaro Nobili, Germán Raminger, Federico Sidañez, Naya Kuu, Rolo Ibarra, Fabio Enrique Rolong & Silvina Cortes.




What film critics said about "SAN TELMO TAPES":


The feature film “San Telmo Tapes” is an Argentine / Ecuador production, directed by Leandro Bartoletti.


Rolo, a magician who performed tricks in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid is forced to flee his city when he performs an act that he cannot fix, he made a young woman –tango dancer– disappear from the public. Faced with the fear and amazement of the situation, a hunch told him that this girl could be in Buenos Aires, with what little she had, she took a trip and lay in the emblematic streets of San Telmo.


The camera that runs through the streets of the most bohemian neighborhood makes an exquisite use, denotes a casual and authentic style, its plans and locations strengthen spontaneity. Leandro Bartoletti's ability as a director is more than demonstrated in the total construction of his film, it shows a story that manages to sustain an emotional line without falling into something that is expected or predictable and the solidity of its plot confirms that austerity does not always play against.


It is exposed that not everything that revolves around what is considered the "first line" of filmmakers is what counts, where surely Adrián Caetano, Lisandro Alonso, Lucrecia Martel, among others, who are clearly teachers are. But also after the latter and perhaps in a "second line" there is a cinema that is solidified, that marks its step and also its difference, which may not have a certain status because it is in a field of so many excellent professionals, but which promises, and through creativity. And nothing better to seduce a viewer than to bet on creativity.


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