Kayiru (2017) - "Eng CC"

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Date: 11/07/2020
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A film by I. Ganesh


Chinrasu is a Boom Boom Bull Man who has been wandering to the nearest villages with his bull and earned money by telling prediction to the people. At one stage he was forced to leave the village against a issue for which he is not responsible.

He moved to another village Thatchakudi situated far away. There he met a girl named Thamarai and both were become lovers. Thamarai’s mother insisting Chinrasu to come out of the Job of telling predictions what he is doing using bull.

He denies to leave the job by telling that his job is our culture and cannot leave the job for sack of love with thamarai. He loves his bull and job as his as equal to his life, and also reveals to society that killing of bull is sin. Wheather his thoughts are succeeded and got married Thamarai or not is the subject of this.



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