Opera Assoluta. Masterpiece (2018) - "Eng CC"

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Date: 11/04/2020
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Screenplay, Director, Producer - German Sadchenkov


The film is not only about the Opera - the literal translation from Italian is more important: a perfect work, a true work of art.

This is a search for the answer to the question: what is opera assoluta? Is a perfect work of art possible?

An attempt to understand what is happening today in art from the point of view of artists who create art as a daily work: conductors, Director and dancer, producer and theater Manager, soloist of the Opera, Director of the largest museum, Director of the Opera.

This is a conversation about musical theater, Opera, classical music, the past and the present of art, about your own view of what it should be, about the different principles and methods of work, and much more through personality and personal experience.

And also that there is something more important than our "today", because there will come "tomorrow" and it will be the way we create it today.

In the film take part: Dancer and Choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev, Conductor and Artistic Director of the Moscow Chamber Choir Vladimir Minin (Russia), owner of two "Grammy" Conductor Giovanni Antonini (Italy), General Director of the Rome Opera Theatre Carlo Fuortes (Italy), soprano Francesca Dotto (Italy), conductor Massimo Taddia (Italy); Opera Director Paolo Panizza (Italy), General Director of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence Eike Schmidt, General Director Bruno Maronne and the First Violin of the Rossini Symphony Orchestra Henry Domenico Durante (Italy), actor Grigory Kofman as Richard Wagner (Germany) and others.

Filming took place in Berlin, Rome, Bologna, Pesaro, Florence, Tarquinia, Santa Marinella and Moscow.


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